Don Leonardi CM

Owner/Senior Instructor

Don has over 30 years of HVAC experience as a Residential Technician, Commercial/Industrial Technician, HVAC Service Company Owner and HVAC Instructor which began in 1992 at the Denver Institute of Technology (D.I.T.) as an accredited instructor where he designed and implemented their associates degree program. Don received his RSES CM certification in 1993.

Don traveled to St. Louis, Missouri in 2000 to acquire his NATE Certification which was not available in Colorado at the time. He then implemented a NATE training program at local parts houses and distributors. As NATE Certification training and testing needs increased, Don contracted with a local supply house in 2007 and began training full time and built a full training course for them.

In 2014 Leonardi HVAC Training Center was established.

After all the years of providing training, Don's techniques and methods are proven in our students success. Learning the industry in a classroom setting, performing hands-on tasks on equipment in our fully operational labs, and the interaction with other students is the most beneficial way to learn. We "do not" provide on-line training classes.


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